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Mommy and Daddy could not be more in love with this gorgeous face and who could blame them.

I hope to be able to follow this family for many years as Baby {E} grows

Welcome to the world you sweet little squish!

new baby wrapped in a yellow wrap, laying on a yellow blanket with a red and yellow rose headband on.Pope Sneak Peek Fine Art NewbornsBaby Photos of Lexington SC

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Baby {K} Sneak Peek | Columbia Baby Photography I am so thrilled to be able to post this little sneak peek. Baby {K} is stunning just like her mommy.  This is her second photography shoot at only nine days old. Oops!  Maybe her third if you include her mommy's maternity session. 

She stayed awake her entire Fresh 48 session and tried desperately to stay awake for her studio session too.  She is curious.  Mommy and daddy are going to have their hands full with a curious toddler one day.

Baby girl in a tan bonnet with a blanket pulled to her chin and little hands and fingers poking out from behind the blanketBaby K | Columbia SC Baby PhotographyNewborn Photos in Columbia SC

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Newborn Photography | Columbia SC This sweet little guy looks exactly like his daddy. Mommy needs to come up with a sister,soon, so she can have a baby that looks like her.  He was such a great little guy in the studio.  He shuffled through is baby portrait posing with hardly a little peep. And, did you get a look see at his mohawk?  Oh, My, Word.  Just as adorable as can be.

Little Boy Resting on Fur in BucketBaby Portraits in Gilbert SCNewborn Photography in Columbia SC

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6 Tips on How to Protect Pictures During a Hurricane | Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns

6 Tips on How to Protect Pictures During a Hurricane

Here in South Carolina, we are preparing for one of the biggest storms in history. One of the worst things that can happen in life is to have your home and belongings destroyed by a hurricane. The devastation from wind and flooding can cause damage that can take years to repair, if at all. With all of the devastation and destruction of Hurricane Harvey last week, and the upcoming landfall of Hurricane Irma, I have been getting this question:

"What is the best way to make sure to save my pictures in case of a hurricane"

Ziploc bags, box and pictures.Protect Pictures from Hurricanes and FloodsZiploc bags and protecting your pictures from devastating weather

At the end of every one of my sessions, I discuss preparations with my clients on how to make sure they save all of their images if there is a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood. For some, it seems like a ridiculous thing to discuss.  But, unfortunately, it happens. Here in South Carolina just two years ago, we had devastating floods. Not long after, the town I grew up in outside of New Orleans lost an estimated 98% of their assets and homes. As a girl growing up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana it was just common practice to be HABITUALLY prepared.  

After you have made your plans for evacuation, prepared yourself with food, water and other necessities to literally "weather the storm", you should consider the preservation of all the memories your family has shared.

All of your pictures are important, but your images captured by a professional photographer are more likely to be heirloom images families will want to pass on for generations. You will want to protect these more than any other of your pictures.

So, what's the best way to keep your images safe? Well, I wish I knew an absolute PERFECT solution, but nothing is guaranteed. I can help you with some great tips on making sure your pictures endure for your family...

1. Back up your digital images monthly on flash drives or whatever the most current technology is for saving images. Place these devices into TWO or maybe even THREE Ziploc FREEZER baggies which have a double zip closing option and zip them completely and properly. Do not use the bags with sliders on them because they may be more likely to allow leaks if not closed properly, especially if you are doing it hastily. Stack each bag so the closed end of one is placed in the bottom of the next bag. It is important to use the freezer bags, since sandwich and storage bags are thinner plastic.

Keep these in your safe deposit box at your bank and store in a box that is as close to the top of the room as possible. Even if your bank floods the vault is usually as air tight as possible. Since a bank building is built around the vault due to the weight, even if your bank is completely destroyed the vault is unlikely to be damaged severely. I know this because I used to build banks for a living. Clients, you didn't know that did you?

If a hurricane is pending, get those back ups done and up to the bank pronto!

2. Back up to an online service monthly! Set any and all of your computers, ipads, phones or whatever devices you maintain your images on to back up either automatically after each image is captured, weekly or monthly. Because these services are subscription based, make sure to do this in ADDITION to my #1 recommendation above. If you ever forget to pay your subscription or images are deleted, you will still have them on your back up devices at the bank.

Don't rely on an ability to bring a device with you in order to save the images. In a real disaster, you will need to worry more about saving your device batteries for emergency calls, weather, radio and gps services. Carry Ziploc bags in your hurricane survival kits to place your phones in. Ya'll I promise I don't have stock in Ziploc, but I'm going to pound into your heads to stock up!  It's such a cheap, easy and practical way to save items from water damage and they are light and easy to carry, even if space is limited.

3. Protect your prints, too! This is a MUST for your family's history. In a hurry, you can remove your favorite or most prized printed images from their frames and place them in the Ziplocs. Add a small piece of cardboard, if available (something like that empty Ziploc box) to help keep them flat.  If you are being evacuated, this is easy and takes up very little room. If you are really concerned about water leakage, throw Duct Tape by 3M over the seams of all baggies.

4. It is heart-wrenching to have to make decisions quickly in a situation like this. You may have to choose which images are the most important to take with you in an evacuation situation and which you have to leave. If time permits and you can safely take the time, place any Ziploc stored images that you can not take with you into plastic bins. Using your Duct Tape or even better Gorilla Tape, cover all of the edges with a couple of layers and make sure the tape is pressed firmly without puckers, spaces or lifted areas.

Don't overload the bins. Keep the weight to just a few pounds in each bin. If your picture albums allow you to remove the pages, do this to keep the bins light. You want the bins to be light enough to float if water does enter your home. Store as high as possible on the highest room of your home, but not in the attic, just in case your roof comes off. 

Label all the bins using a permanent marker with your name, address, telephone number and email address. If your home is ruined and the bins are released from you home into the environment, having your bins light enough to float, sealed to keep the air in and water out, along with your contact information will make it more likely some of them may be recoverable, even if they travel long distances. If a stranger finds your bins, they will be more likely to return them if you have made it easy to contact you.

5. If your picture albums do not allow you to easily remove the images or pages, there are a few things you can do.  One is to consider wrapping them in several layers of Hefty's LAWN AND LEAF Bags, fold over the edges several times and tape them. It is important not to use standard kitchen bags or stretch bags as they will leak water. Lawn and Leaf bags are thicker and sturdier. Have gallery wrapped images or other big print items? This is also a great option for this style of prints as well.  Label these with a silver colored permanent marker (black will not show up) with the same contact information I suggested above.

Another way to protect the images in your albums is to remove the weight of the front and back covers before storing. You may come home to a perfectly dry home and have torn up your albums, but you still have them. I would reserve this method only for people who live in areas where floods are certain to occur.  

6. To give credit where credit is due, right after I finished writing this, fellow photographer Debbie Turner of Turner Photo Restoration suggested this great idea:

Anything last minute you can't store or bring with you should go into your dishwasher! It might be a last resort, but your dishwasher is not only waterproof, but built in.  This might be a great place to put those albums and maybe those harddrives that you are worried about saving.  But, as I keep saying... use those protective bags - just in case.

  • UPDATE: Some have mentioned they are skeptical of this last practice in #6. I understand! I grew up in hurricane zones and I guess it never occurred to me that some may not realize that it is a common practice to remove the drain connections from your dishwasher to reduce the risk of sewage backflow. Also, pulling from my knowledge in the construction and home inspection industry (before my photography days), many states mandate the use of what is called a backflow prevention device or system. It's probably not something you have ever really heard of before, but these are designed precisely to keep sewage back up from happening.  Of course, in a natural disaster, there are no guarantees. Just practice the best possible prevention that you can muster.
  • Because of some meme going around the internet where someone has just thrown stuff into the dishwasher without protecting it in bags, there have been many comments about this being a viable solution. Just note that in a natural disaster NOTHING is a sure thing. Do what you can and make the decision for yourself, but there are no guarantees. The intent of THIS blog is to help you as much as possible with tips to ATTEMPT to save as many images as you can. And, sheesh.  So many internet haters, it's ridiculous.

I'm sure there are many other ideas out there to help you save your family's most prizes possessions.  Do the best you can in this situation.  Always make sure your family comes first. Even the beautiful pictures and memories you have created and collected along the way are not more important than the well being of your family.

I hope this quick article gave you some good ideas! Stay Safe!

Marcelle Raphael is a Professional Photographer in Columbia, South Carolina


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Baby Photos in Columbia South Carolina by Marcelle Raphael This sweet little one was cute snuggly and posed just so easily!

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(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby lexington newborn photographer newborn photography photos sc Tue, 05 Sep 2017 22:41:21 GMT
Orangeburg South Carolina Newborn Baby Photography I love this little set up for boys with all of the texture.  His sweet little face adds the cuteness!


baby boy laying on his tummy in a wooden milk crate under layers of fur and knit baby photoThis little guy is so cute layered in all these textures!

(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby blythewood cayce charlotte columbia lexington nc newborn orangeburg photography photos sc west Thu, 31 Aug 2017 17:01:37 GMT
Newborn Photography in Columbia, Lexington, Sumter and Chapin! This little guy came to me this morning and was in just the best of moods!  He was sleepy and sweet.  He rocked his session so much that mommy and daddy are going to be getting lots of extra images.  Welcome to the world Baby Boy {B}

Newborn baby boy in womb pose for baby photoColumbia SC Baby PhotosBaby Photography Lexington SC ]]> (Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos newborn photographer newborn photography newborns photography Fri, 18 Aug 2017 21:43:53 GMT Columbia | Gilbert SC Newborn Photography This wiggly little fella came to me from Gilbert, SC! He rarely cried and fussed, but he couldn't stay still! 

He is a handsome little guy, though, and loved to snuggle and eat.

Baby Boy wrapped and placed in a tray.SC Carolina Newborn PhotographyBaby Photography in Columbia Lexington Sumter Gilbert Batesburg SC

(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby columbia gilbert baby lexington newborn photography photos Fri, 18 Aug 2017 12:28:20 GMT
Black and White Baby Photography | Columbia SC Newborn Photographer  

Black and White Newborn Photographers are quite possibly my favorit ever.


Newborn Baby in Womb Pose Black and White Columbia SCColumbia Irmo Lexington SC Baby PhotographySC Newborn Photographer Columbia SC

(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photography in columbia baby photos newborn photos Mon, 14 Aug 2017 22:43:00 GMT
Baby Girl In The Studio Today | Columbia SC Newborn Photography This sweet little girl visiting me in the studio today.  Mommy was worried that she would be a grumpy at her photo session, but she proved mommy wrong as little ones often do.  She was a perfect little angel.  As you can see, she is sleeping away peacefully.  Isn't she lovely?  Mom had the idea of using the same gown that she wore for her maternity session and including it into the newborn session.  I'd say we pulled it off.  Stunning.


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photography baby photos lexington baby photos newborn photography newborn photography in columbia Tue, 27 Jun 2017 22:43:00 GMT
{ Sneak Peek Alert } Newborns in Columbia SC This gorgeous child loves to be wrapped, snuggled and warm.  It took quite a bit to get her to do a few of these poses.  She pulled it off superbly.

(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Sat, 17 Sep 2016 16:08:42 GMT
Baby {E} Photography by Fine Art Newborns Today, this beautiful little one got through her whole newborn photography session with just a few little cute peeps. She is just such a sweet baby and did a fabulous job making the transitions from pose to pose and set to set. And, mom was stunning!  Baby {E} is definitely going to be a beauty like Mommy and her sister.


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Tue, 06 Sep 2016 23:25:25 GMT
Handsome Baby Boy | Columbia SC Baby Photographer  

Boy oh Boy, what a handsome little boy.  He was a sleepy little guy and did a fantastic job during his newborn photography session today.

Mommy was bawling her eyes out at his cuteness.  I don't blame her.  I had a hard time letting go of him at the end of the session.

Sneak PeekSneak Peek

(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Wed, 31 Aug 2016 23:37:41 GMT
Newborn Boys | Columbia SC Baby Photography  

I had SOOOOO much fun during this session with handsome little {CC}.  

Dad about had me in tears most of the time with laughter.  

Mom's smile could light up the city.  

And, this little guy... cuddly cuteness the whole time.  He rocked him first professional photography session.



(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Mon, 29 Aug 2016 03:30:07 GMT
Baby Dalton | SC Newborn Photography  

I loved giggling and laughing with mommy during this session.  What a cute little newborn fella here on my hands.


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me fine art newborn newborn photographer columbia sc Wed, 10 Aug 2016 22:54:19 GMT
Baby {G} | Newborn Photos in South Carolina Be still my aching heart.  How cute is this!  So glad to have Baby {G} in the studio for this simply gorgeous newborn baby photo session.


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Fri, 05 Aug 2016 23:09:00 GMT
Gorgeous Baby Photography | Sumter SC There really are no words to describe the beauty of this child.  I have already had three baby sessions with her.  She is a stunning child.  Daddy, I feel so bad for you in the years to come.  She is going to be leaving hearts at every step.  She certainly has mine.  Just gorgeous!


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Wed, 03 Aug 2016 23:09:00 GMT
Baby Girl | Orangeburg SC Newborn Photographer A mirror image of her mommy, this gorgeous little darling visited with a VERY proud family.  Grandpa was obviously smitten.


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Tue, 02 Aug 2016 23:09:00 GMT
Baby {A} | Lexington South Carolina Newborn Photography  

This beautiful little one had a head full of hair that was perfectly mohawked.  It was so stinking adorable.  I love her baby photos and can't wait for mommy and daddy to see the rest soon.  For now, here is a sneak peek of beauty baby girl.


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Mon, 01 Aug 2016 23:09:00 GMT
Baby {C} | Baby Photography in Lexington SC  

I have a feeling that this beautiful girl will be one of the most photographed babies EVER!  She is certainly a beautiful little thing.  At just over three weeks, she did an AMAZING job for her newborn photo session.


(Marcelle Raphael | Fine Art Newborns) baby photos columbia baby photos lexington baby photos near me newborn photographer columbia sc Sat, 30 Jul 2016 23:09:00 GMT